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Welcome to & How you can write for us.

Welcome to & How you can write for us.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this new website & I hope you will enjoy it.

This website aims to provide clear & concise tutorials that illustrate the ideas and concepts very well so that players of all ratings can understand and enjoy them.

Being a 2000ish player one of the reasons I made this site is to put my thoughts in writing and I believe I can rapidly improve that way. I also aim to do a series of tutorials for the thinking processes when playing Chess, as it is a topic that has always fascinated me.

Also, I will try to get other strong titled players to make some tutorials as well, so that will be interesting indeed. Writing tutorials here is actually pretty easy because Lichess studies with the arrows and square highlights easily convert into complete articles.

If you are a strong player and would like to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact me at info { @ } or comment here. In return for helping out, you can get links to your site & social media & coaching profile, etc. I will also promote the article via social media & Reddit.

Again I hope you enjoy and learn something. If you have any ideas/feedback/tutorial you want to see please comment down below and I will look into it!

Meanwhile, check out this really hard 3700 rated puzzle that I lost to!

Thank you.