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Making plans in attacking chess

Making plans in attacking chess

Making a plan in Chess is one of the key skills you must have. It’s even more important when you are attacking because every move counts. The plan could only come into fruition 10s of moves later, however, I believe that’s the beauty of having a long term plan. Having your moves harmonize towards it and knowing what to do could be priceless.

A lot of times this makes your play more accurate and even makes Chess a lot easier & faster to play.

In my opinion, there’s no better position to illustrate this than the Yugoslav Attack in the Sicilian Defence, so we are going to start with some examples.

Firstly here is an example played by the legend Fischer to illustrate the dangers black could face if not careful after losing the dark square bishop and thus weakening his kingside dark squares.

Next is an example played by the legend Karpov that illustrates the plan of focusing on everything and sacrificing pawns to open up the black king.

This was an absolutely amazing game by the legend Karpov. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. All the moves he made were very harmonious and catered towards filling his plan of ripping open files and removing the king’s defenders with brilliant pawn sacrifices that made everything just work.